Next-Gen Broadband


What is GigaBeam Networks Broadband?

GigaBeam Networks Broadband is based on fixed wireless technology which allows internet communications by radio.  Basically, the Internet is sent to a radio installed at your home from one of our relay towers.  This technology is  capable of speeds up to 500+ Mbps and latency under 50ms! (great for gaming and voip!)

GigaBeam Broadband service is as reliable as any wired line service.  The service works in  any type of weather condition including rain, fog, ice, or snow!

Some added features of the service include:

  • Initial standard speeds up to 50Mbps
  • No phone, cable, fiber lines required
  • No equipment to buy or rent
  • No long term commitments
  • We are a local company with local service and support
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Simple flat fee pricing (no mystery fees!)
  • Fast, affordable and dependable access
  • ESPN 3 included



In order to receive GigaBeam Networks Wireless Broadband, a radio must first be installed at your location.  The standard radio is very small and hardly noticeable.  One of our technicians will come to your house and perform the installation.

Basic Installation includes:

  • Standard mounting of standard radio
  • Up to 50' of ethernet cable
  • Setup of Internet access to 1 computer
  • Wifi Router Included!

Plans and Pricing

GigaBeam Networks offers several plans to fit your needs and budget.  Compare us to cable or DSL and you will find our prices and plans similar or better than any of our competitors.  GigaBeam Broadband service gives you the freedom and flexibility to have fast and reliable access without bundling unwanted and unused services such as home phone lines and cable television service.  Pick the service you want from the providers you choose!

Cable and phone companies are constantly raising rates.  They also require you to “bundle” other unwanted services to get better pricing and include mysterious “surcharges” and other “fees” in their billing.  With GigaBeam Broadband service you get an everyday low price for Internet access.  In fact, we’ve never raised pricing on any of our plans!  No other services are required and no other “surcharges” or “fees” will EVER be on you bill.

Our Current Plans - NEW! WiFi Router now Included!

Download Speed
Up to 10Mbps
Upload Speed
Up to 1Mbps
Data Cap
Great for
  • Social Networking
  • Email
  • Music & Pictures
  • 2 Video Streams


Download Speed
Up to 25Mbps
Upload Speed
Up to 2Mbps
Data Cap
Great for
  • Multiple Users
  • 2+ Video Streams
  • Online Gaming


Download Speed
Up to 50Mbps
Upload Speed
Up to 3Mbps
Data Cap
Great for
  • Large Downloads
  • Large Uploads
  • Multiple Video Streams
  • 4K Video


Installation cost and options:  

  • Installation with a 1 year commitment, $49
  • Installation with a monthly subscriber agreement, $99
  • WiFi Router is now included!
  • Extended WiFi network - for range extension etc.  For larger homes additional wireless coverage may be needed
  • Receive a US Mail paper invoice:  $2/month

Prequalify Now! 

Interested in getting service?  Click here to go to our coverage qualification tool!

Compare Us!

Tired of slow access from the phone company?  Our plans are faster, cheaper, and just flat out better than any DSL provider in the area.

Compare us to cable or dsl as shown here.  Switch, enjoy, and save with GigaBeam Networks.

  • Frontier: Intro price for new customers - 6-12Mbps - $25 + $10 router fee + $3.99 Internet Surcharge + unknown taxes/fees = $38.99+fees after term cost is ??? but higher.
  • Pemtel: $72.95 up to 10Mbps
  • Centurylink:  $50 up to 12Mbps + $10/month modem rental
  • Verizon DSL: 3Mbps $39.99
  • Comcast: $49.95 up to 15Mbps (does not include modem rental)
  • Suddenlink: n/a
  • Sunset Digital: $49.95 up to 10Mbps + $9.95 router fee = $59.90
  • Frontier:  $30 up to 18Mbps + $10 Router Rental + 3.99 Internet Surcharge + other taxes/fees = $43.99 + fees for SLOWER service
  • Pemtel: n/a - max speed is 15Mbps for $89.95 + Router
  • Centurylink: $55.00 + $10 Modem Rental = $65
  • Verizon: n/a
  • Comcast: n/a
  • Suddenlink: n/a
  • Sunset Digital: $79.95 up to 25Mbps + Router fee $9.95 $89.90
  • Frontier:  n/a - Max speed is 18Mbps!
  • Pemtel: n/a - Max speed is 15Mbps!
  • Centurylink: 60Mbps $45 + $10 Rental fee = $55 + Fees/Surcharges (speeds not available in most areas)
  • Verizon:  n/a
  • Comcast: 60Mbps $74.95 + Router?
  • Suddenlink: $39 up to 100Mbps + $10 modem rental (Promo rate! Regular rate is unpublished)
    • 250GB DATA CAP!
    • Only 12 hours of usage
    • Actual cost based on our average user data consumption: $99 (does not include modem rental)
  • Sunset Digital: n/a  100Mbps $99.95 - Router fee $9.95

 * competitor pricing based on their regular rates and pulled from their websites on 11-20-18

Compare us to DSL:  Frontier big "promo" offers "up to 6Mbps" for $20.  They fail to mention that the "up to" speed drops drastically the further you live away from their equipment, but you still pay the same price.  Most customers that have switched to us have reported speeds less than 3Mbps!  Additional charges include a $10 modem rental, $3.99 Internet Surcharge + other undisclosed fees. Standard pricing after the "promo" is not publicly shown.  DSL is an outdated and antiquated technology and should be better known as the dialup access of today.

Compare us to cable:  While cable boasts large download speeds, that speed isn't necessary to watch online video. (Netflix requires around 3-5Mbps to watch in HD)  And to get decent pricing, you must also bundle with unwanted phone, and/or video plans.  Cable companies also like to offer "special pricing" that requires long term commitments.  They offer you a fantastic deal at first only to find that within 6-12 months your bill doubles.  They also fail to mention other "mystery fees" and a modem rental between $5-$10.  And now, certain local cable companies are putting data caps on their services.  Go over the usage cap your bill goes way up. One local cable company now has data caps of 250GB on their 50Mbps plan.  If you utilized their service (or actually got that speed regularly) your cap would be consumed in around 12 hours!  After that it's $10/50GB (or every 2 hours and 30 minutes of use at 50Mbps)

Hoping for Fiber?  GigaBeam Networks is currently developing plans to deploy Fiber to the Premise in select areas.  However, the cost of deployment is quite large and will only be economically viable in higher populated towns and locations.  Some companies are promising Fiber in local rural areas.  Do the math,  Fiber deployment costs around $20-60k per MILE.  If you're in a rural area, fiber isn't coming any time soon.  GigaBeam Broadband is here today and we plan to expand our services to every rural area in our footprint where demand is shown.

Non-profits, churches, etc.

Contact us for special pricing!

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