About Us

Providing broadband internet service to southwest VA and southern WV

What is GigaBeam Networks Broadband?

GigaBeam operates and is constructing hybrid networks throughout the region. Our hybrid networks consist of a core fiber optic network feeding outlying, harder to reach areas, with ultra fast fixed wireless service.

Some features of the service include:

  • Speeds up to 1Gbps
  • No equipment to buy or rent
  • No long term commitments
  • We’re LOCAL, providing local service and support
  • Competitive pricing
  • Simple flat fee pricing (no hidden/mystery fees!)
  • Fast, affordable and dependable access

Our Service Area

GigaBeam currently offers service in the following counties:


  • Giles
  • Bland
  • Tazewell
  • Wythe
  • Grayson

    West Virginia

    • Monroe
    • Mercer

      Counties Currently Planned:

      • Montgomery, VA
      • Greenbrier, WV
      • Fayette, WV
      • Logan, WV
      • Mingo, WV
      • Raleigh, WV
      • Summers, WV
      • More to be announced soon!

      The Best WiFi Experience, The GigaBeam Experience

      Never buy another router again, GigaBeam will supply your carrier-grade router.

      • WiFi 6 Technology – the fastest wireless available
      • Leading Security – Protect your home network from malicious attacks and unknown traffic
      • Intelligent Mesh – Consumer-grade Wi-Fi solutions often require 2-3 units to ensure optimal coverage. In 90% of homes, a single GigaFi Wi-Fi 6 system provides amazing coverage. GigaBeam does offer mesh Wi-Fi systems for very large homes or those that have obstructive building materials. All GigaBeam systems feature optimal design not typically found in consumer-grade Mesh systems.
      • Carrier-class reliability – A rock-solid, carrier only system that GigaBeam will help manage for you to create an optimal Wi-Fi experience.
      • Ultimate Performance – With dual-band Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) subscribers experience the most advanced Wi-Fi bandwidth and complete coverage everywhere in the home.​
      • Manage your network from your phone – With GigaBeam’s GigaFi App, you’ll control every aspect of your home network. You’ll create passwords, set up parental controls, receive security alerts, create a guest Wi-Fi, and much more!


      Let our staff assist you and your family with managing whole home coverage

      Experience the difference, experience GigaBeam