Fiber Optic Internet


The GigaBeam experience

Broadband connectivity from GigaBeam Networks is more than just a connection to the internet!  With the GigaBeam Experience Fiber Access you get:
  • Symmetrical Speeds (upload and download)
  • Unlimited data
  • Carrier class WiFi 6 router – The best in speed and coverage
  • The GigaFi App – Manage your home network with ease
  • ProtectIQ – Network security for the connected home
  • ExperienceIQ – Enhanced Parental controls
  • GigaGeek Support – Connectivity help throughout the home
All from your LOCAL ISP – Locally owned, locally operated, with local support.

The need for speed

All of our plans offer the capacity to perform daily tasks. Select a plan and experience that fit your needs. For example, streaming video services require between 5-10Mbps per HD stream and 20-25Mbps per 4k UHD streaming.  For a family watching three, 4k streams at the same time they need 75Mbps to ensure quality  performance.  Not sure how much bandwidth you need? We’re here to help!

Flexible Pricing

We’ve created plans to fit anyone’s needs and budget! Regardless of the speed you select, by selecting the GigaBeam Experience, you’ll ensure you receive the best experience on all of your connected devices. 

Symmetrical Speeds

All GigaBeam Fiber plans are symmetrical!  This means your upload and download speeds are the same.  Sufficient upload capacity is necessary for remote working (video calls), uploading large files and pictures, and any other task involving sending data out to the internet.

Gigageeks:  Friendly and Helpful Support

We’re here to help you when you need it! Our staff will guide you through any of your service needs.  GigaGeek Service Techs will help you through all your connectivity needs and questions and with the GigaBeam Experience that support extends to all your home’s connected devices.

GigaBeam GigaSpire Carrier Class WiFi 6 Router

Fully Secure

WPA3 protocols along with the latest integrated hardware security and automatically updated software security to ensure a safe and secure subscriber experience

Flexible Mesh

“Plug & Play” with intelligent mesh. The latest intelligent mesh technology extends amazing WiFi to the hard to reach corners of any residence.


Lightning Fast

No lag and no downtime with Multi-user, Multi-input, Multi-output (MU-MIMO tech) with 8 streams of data simultaneously.

Exceptional Design and Performance

Beautiful systems that even the most design focused person will be proud to display.

The Ultimate WiFi experience is driven by amazing Dual-band WiFi 6 (802.11ax) performance to reach every corner of your home.

Fully Managed

Every BLAST system is managed by the GigaGeek support team so they can fix issues before they occur and ensure a simple, amazing experience.


Fit for You

The BLAST Family is constantly growing to help ensure that GigaBeam can offer the WiFI system that is right for you.


Cutting Edge

Experience a growing selection of applications enhancing everything for your connected life from parental controls to the latest in network security and more.

The GigaFi App

Take Command of your connected home with GigaBeam’s GigaFi App

Ultimate WiFi Deserves the Ultimate App – Available on both the Apple App and Google Play Stores

Stunning Design

GigaFi rivals the most downloaded mobile apps in the market.  An intuitive design offers complete control of every aspect of the connected home from the palm of your hand.

Fingertip Control

You have control of your connected home with the ability to monitor network traffic, prioritize device usage and set parental controls with a simple tap of a button.

Secure and Reliable

Built with security in mind, with GigaFi trust that your home network is secure and reliable.

Intuitive Navigation

Set up your GigaBeam GigaSpire Routing system with minimal support.  Customize settings across all connected devices, applications, family members, and rooms to create your own ultimate experience.

Easy Set Up

Get up and running quickly.  Simple in-app guidance helps to setup everything in the home and add future services that meet your lifestyle.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive timely and helpful messages and alerts to know any issues and provide offers and services that can enhance subscriber experience.

ProtectIQ Network Security

You have locks on every door and window.  But not on your network?

As viruses and malware become increasingly sophisticated, your network requires equally innovative solutions.  ProtectIQ helps you keep a lock on your network and alerts you when any unwanted visitors try to enter.

Want to see it in action?  Check out the video!


Protect all devices on your WiFi network.  All traffic that passes through your network is scanned with viruses blocked before you encounter them.

Block Malicious Websites

We analyze the data from thousands of malicious sites – phishing, hijacking, spyware, hadware, and malware sites are automatically blocked.

Prevent Intrusion

Using our intrusion prevention system, we prevent cyber criminals from accessing your network, keeping your sensitive information secure.

Stay Up to Date

The ProtectIQ dashboard alerts you with network protection updates.

ExperienceIQ:  Enhanced Parental Controls

You set the boundaries.  We help you keep them.

With ExperienceIQ you can manage screen time, content, and access – all from our simple applications.

Want to see it in action? View the instructional set up video!

Create Profiles

Assign devices to each user for a tailored internet experience

Check Usage

Review web, app, and online usage by profile for an overview of where your child is spending time

Set Time Limits

Decide when devices should be offline, by profile

Create Balance

Turn off or pause WiFi, create bedtime schedules, and manage screen time to maintain a harmonious home

Filter Content

Restrict or allow entire categories of the internet, specific apps and individual websites

GigaGeeks:  Connectivity Support for Your Entire Home

Can’t get that smart TV to connect to WiFi?  Need assistance changing a password?

With support from our team of expert GigaGeeks, we have your back!  Help with connectivity issues with any device in your home.

Designed to fit your needs and budget

The GigaBeam Experience Plans

GigaBeam Fiber Access includes great speeds, unlimited data usage and basic connectivity support (to the customer owned router only, no device support included). The GigaBeam Experience adds to GigaBeam fiber access a carrier class WiFi Router, GigaFi App, ProtectIQ, ExperienceIQ, and GigaGeek connectivity support for all the devices in your home.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) provides a discount of $30/month to qualifying households!

What is ACP?

The ACP is a federal program which assists households in paying for internet service. The program guidelines are determined by the FCC and US Government. If the program ends or the household is not longer eligible, subscribers will be subject to regular rates.

Why submit the ACP application?

If approved by the National Verifier, you may qualify to receive up to $30 off of your internet services. GigaBeam Networks has no oversight to approve or deny an application.

Where do I submit an application to the federal government for ACP?

To submit an application, visit  The Apply Now button is in the bottom third of the screen.

The National Verifier has approved me, now what?

Upon approval, email your application ID and approval status to Please include the name on your GigaBeam account and a daytime contact phone number.