The best WiFi experience for your home!

  • Never buy another router again, GigaBeam will supply your carrier grade router
  • WiFi 6 Technology – the fastest wireless available
  • Leading Security – Protect your home network from malicous attacks and unknown traffic
  • Intelligent Mesh – Consumer-grade Wi-Fi solutions often require 2-3 units to ensure optimal coverage. In 90% of homes, a single GigaFi Wi-Fi 6 system provides amazing coverage. GigaBeam does offer mesh Wi-Fi systems for very large homes or those that have obstructive building materials. All GigaFi Systems feature optimal design not typically found in consumer-grade Mesh systems.  
  • Carrier-class reliability – A rock-solid, carrier only system that GigaBeam will help manage for you to create an optimal Wi-Fi experience.
  • Ultimate Performance – With dual-band Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) subscribers experience the most advanced Wi-Fi bandwidth and complete coverage everywhere in the home.​
  • Manage your network from your phone – With GigaBeam’s GigaManage App control every aspect of your home network to setting passwords, parental controls, alerts, and much more!

GigaFi Enhanced WiFi Cost – $12/month

For larger homes requiring additonal devices to create a “mesh” network, additional fees apply.

Optional GigaFi Protect Plus – Enhanced Security – $6/month

Includes parental contols and network security

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