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Broadband Internet

We’re building next generation high-capacity networks throughout southern West Virginia and southwestern Virginia. If you are interested in our internet experience, check for availability in your area. If we are not in your area, we appreciate your patience. It does take time, but with individuals expressing interest, we will work to service our communities by expanding our offerings.

Cutting Edge Wi-Fi Technology

Powerful 2nd generation WiFi 6, connects everything from uninterrupted surfing, stream—balancing work and homework

Fully Managed GigaBeam Experience

Fully secure. Worry free. GigaSpire BLAST Ultimate WiFi is fully managed. It includes Protect IQ to provide you with peace of mind. And when you do need assistance, you have local support by our team of GigaGeeks. 

Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Easily enable WiFi for your guests, set parental controls, and set prioritization of devices and applications—with protection from malware and viruses—all from the GigaBeam app​

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“The GigaBeam app, GigaFi powered by Command IQ, puts the remote control for the internet in your hand.”