History of the Project

In 2019, Grayson County Administration selected GigaBeam Networks to partner with the County to solve the rural broadband issues for the unserved locations throughout the County. Soon after, Appalachian Power, selected Grayson to be the county for their pilot project under the direction of new Virginia legislation, thanks to Delegate O’Quinn, allowing investor owned utilities to help provide fiber optic lines in unserved areas.

In May of 2019, GigaBeam, APCO and the County began working on a design to construct 238 miles of fiber optic lines and SCC approval of a project to get Grayson County connected county-wide. The project was presented to the SCC in July 2019 and final approval was given in March of 2020.

After Approval, APCO and GigaBeam immediately began low level design of the network. During that time, GigaBeam worked with Grayson County to apply for a Virginia VATI grant, to cover the expenses in building a county-wide hybrid Fiber/Fixed Wireless network. This grant was awarded in January of 2021.

Fiber Construction began in December of 2020, and Phase 1 Wireless began in the Spring of 2021.

Where we are now

The county has been broken up into phases of construction to complete the entire project. As each phase completes, service can be turned up so residents can receive access as quickly as possible. The first 3 segments of fiber are near completion with some splicing and testing left to accomplish. Phase 1 wireless is under construction, with Tower 1 ready for service once Fiber segment 1 is operational (The fiber network will provide access to the fixed wireless network)

Approximately 50% of the fiber has been installed but there’s still much work to do including fiber splicing, electronics installation, wireless site construction, etc.

Check back soon for updates and to see maps of available service areas as they go live!

Detailed information about Grayson County Service plans are available here.

Signup Today!

We are actively accepting signups from residents and businesses in Grayson County wanting service. If you want GigaBeam internet access, please signup immediately! The sooner you signup, the quicker we can get you connected! Please fill out the form below to be added to our database and we will contact you with information about when service will be available and to schedule an installation.

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